Best Baccarat Tips

The number of realistic baccarat tips is very few since the game itself is based almost solely upon luck. Once players determine their bet amounts and what to bet on, the rest lies in the hands of the game rules and the dealer. The following tips are designed to help players earn more money or lose less money by placing safe bets and understanding the way the game is played.

Tie Bets and Card Counting

These two actions alone represent more than half of the errors made by new baccarat players. Tie bets offer the largest payouts in the game of baccarat, but they are also the hardest to win. While the payout is a fantastic eight or nine to one, the house edge on tie bets is a staggering 14.36 percent. Many people attempt to count cards in order to determine the best possible time to place a tie bet, but this strategy cannot be relied upon due to the sheer number of decks when each player only holds two or three cards.

Spending Money and the End of the Shoe

Each time a player wins a bet in the game of baccarat, they are required to pay up to a five percent commission to the house. This money is not collected after every round as it would be too time consuming, so the dealer simply keeps track of how much each player owes and collects when the player leaves or when a new shoe is used. As such, players should always place their banker bets at the end of the shoe. The odds of winning on a banker bet increase greatly when the shoe has dwindled down to less than half.

There is no way to change the fact that baccarat is a game of pure luck, but players can utilize certain tips in order to make sure they play as safely and smartly as possible. This makes playing baccarat a more enjoyable and profitable experience.